Get your Windows events collected, filtered, throttled, enriched and stored in Microsoft Azure Log Analytics. Log Analytics provides a fast optimized search engine on top of your events. Filters reduce the saved events typically by more than 99,5%.

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As events are enriched with additional fields searching for data has never been easier. You can search for a specific user or activity across multiple systems and event types, giving full traceability. Custom Azure Log Analytics views also avaiable.

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Billed by Microsoft

Our filter service is deployed as your own Azure Managed Application on an per hour pay-as-you-go model. Payment is done using normal Azure billing services, and billed directly by Microsoft so no credit card or other payment methods necessary.

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What our customers say

"With more than 5 millions Windows Events every hour an effective filter platform is absolutely crucial for us to be able to store only the events we need."
Henrik Harpøth Jakobsen
"When working with GDPR compliance, STASHit is a must have tool for auditing things like Active Directory admin changes and critical file access."
Schaumann Digital
Morten Schaumann
Schaumann Digital


We introduce a really simple license model - no per node or per event pricing. You simply pay for the CPU power consumed as a pay-as-you-go model.

The more events you filter, the more CPU power is needed. All the below configurations can be deployed with auto-scaling to ensure that the filter platform is always available but never oversized. Prices are based on Azure US region prices and may vary in other regions.

  • Single Instance
  • Single A1 V2 VM deployment - Great for testing or small environments.
  • Not redundant
  • 1 X A1 V2 Azure VM
  • 1 X Azure Managed Disk
  • 1 X Azure Public IP
  • 1 X Azure Loadbalancer
  • 1 X STASHit Core licens
  • $189 / month
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  • Dual Instances
  • Dual A1 V2 VM deployment - Recomended for most environments.
  • Redundant
  • 2 X A1 V2 Azure VM
  • 2 X Azure Managed Disk
  • 1 X Azure Public IP
  • 1 X Azure Loadbalancer
  • 2 X STASHit Core licenses
  • $374 / month
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  • Dual Core Instances
  • Dual A2 V2 VM deployment - Recomended for enterprises.
  • Redundant
  • 2 X A2 V2 Azure VM
  • 2 X Azure Managed Disk
  • 1 X Azure Public IP
  • 1 X Azure Loadbalancer
  • 4 X STASHit Core licenses
  • $740 / month
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It’s even risk-free!

We are in fact so confident, you will be blown away by the benefits our application provides, that we have eliminated your risk. We simply offer you a full 14 days moneyback guarantee including all related Azure IaaS cost as well – no strings attached.

Free registration

Registration is 100% free, signup now to see the filters avaiable and to get access to our support site including customized Azure Log Analytics views for even faster searching of events.

Free onboarding support

We offer free remote worldwide onboarding support, including deployment and configuration of Azure Log Analytics workspaces to ensure you get the most out of our product. All you need is an Azure subscription and administrative rights to deploy resources.

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